Our GPP class is rooted in functional fitness, strength training and conditioning. It combines weightlifting, gymnastic, and cross training to provide our athletes with the tools they need to improve their own strength and fitness. Exercises are continuously rotated and modified to fit everyone’s fitness level, no matter if you are an expert or a beginner.


Our SHRED class is a High Intensity interval Training (HIIT) class that utilizes Strength, Conditioning, and Cardio with Full body circuit training. Rowing on our Concept 2 Rowers and cycling on our Assault Air bikes are sure to give you a full body workout by activating 9 muscle groups and pushing you to the max. It makes for both a great starting point or as an addition to our GPP program.


Our BOXING class is primarily composed of core conditioning, endurance training, and technique refining. Some drills you can expect to see on the 100lb Heavy Bag are jabs, crosses and many other boxing skills. The key concepts taught in this class can help fine tune a professional athlete or get a beginner on the right track to fitness. All you have to do is show up and let our trainers take care of the details.


Our ENDURE class is a 40 minute circuit training course that uses exercise and music for a combination that is both fun and challenging! You can look forward to an energizing and rhythm based indoor cardio endurance class that is focused around muscle toning, core sculpting, spinning, and rowing. “ENDURE” can improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength endurance, this class is just a good sweat session with a twist!


Our LIFT class is a one hour course that uses a barbell to work on and develop strength, mechanics, and technique. Cave Training will guide and educate you through each lift to maximize your strength and to create an overall toned and well balanced physique. This class can be useful for both new and veteran lifters, whether that means increasing any PR lift or fine tuning your own form and techniques. Our trainers will make sure you are on track with your goals while maintaining a safe and controlled environment.